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Debit / Credit

Comprehensive, Flexible, Unrivaled - exclusively for credit unions. »

Discover a complete processing solution:

    Payment Solutions
        - Visa Debit Card
        - Visa Credit Card
        - Prepaid Cards
        - Mobile Payments
        - Point of Sale (POS)
        - Network Gateway Services
        - Visa Checkout

    Program Management & Marketing
        - Risk Management
        - Visa Data Manager
        - Card Management & Fulfillment
        - Design A Card
        - Loyalty Rewards
        - MAP Plastics

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Prepaid / Gift

Industry-leading technology distinguished by exception client service. »

Discover a complete processing solution:

    Visa Branded Prepaid Cards
        - General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) Cards
        - Visa Gift Cards
        - Prepaid Cards
        - Visa ReadyLink Network

    Robust System & Authorization Services
        - Authorization & Administration
        - Integrated Fraud and Risk Management
        - Account Maintenance and Reporting
        - Client and Cardholder Support
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ATM Driving

Uncompromising reliability worthy of your ATM investment. »

Discover a complete processing solution:

    ATM Functionality
        - Supported Transactions
        - Deposit Automation
        - Cash Management
        - Visa ReadyLink Network

    Program Management
        - Marketing Options
        - Remote Access

    ATM Operations
        - 24/7 Network and ATM Monitoring
        - ATM Device Support
        - Comprehensive Reporting
Get inspired by these 3 credit unions' good deeds
Every credit union is different. Your members, community and causes all might be completely unique from another credit union's. But no matter how diverse U.S. credit unions are, there is one thing they all have in common: They are dedicated to giving back to their community.

Small businesses want high-quality card processing plans, regardless of cost
Price caps on interchange fees created many heated discussions between people involved with the payments and banking industries over the past few years. Implemented in 2011, these caps were designed to protect small businesses from hefty fees many feared would reduce retailer revenues, Payment Week reported.

Credit unions need to bolster their AML policies
Money laundering has been a problem in the financial industry since the concept of banking first originated. Though society and banking technology have changed substantially from the first currencies, money laundering remains a lingering issue that today's credit unions must contend with. PricewaterhouseCoopers reported that around $1-2 trillion laundered every year. Yet, less than 1 percent of that money is recovered by authorities.

What credit unions need to know about the mass affluent
Though credit unions typically cater to a group of people with common interests, it's undeniable that the members within that group differ vastly.

Your members need to know the realities of retirement
Most credit union members look to their financial institution for helpful advice on money management. It's up to you to make best practices readily available and known to your member base.

The Leading Credit Union Card Processing Platform

Member Access Pacific is a superior Credit Union card management company. It's the nation’s only aggregator of the Visa Debit Card Processing Service platform for credit unions. MAP’s special role in the debit marketplace provides our credit union clients with the unique opportunity to leverage Card Processing Technology, Security, and Service of Visa for their members. As a credit union card management company, we value our clients first and foremost.

Credit Union Card Services Company

Premium Card Processing Services & Products

Member Access Pacific is a card services management company that offers customized, turn-key credit union card processing service at wholesale prices by leveraging the cooperative strength of our clients.

The effectiveness of our partnerships enables us to offer an array of credit union services and products, including single-point access to Visa products, at a price less than what Visa Debit Card Processing Services offers directly to credit unions.

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Card Processing Management Platform

Unrivaled Flexibility with a Scalable Card Management Technology

MAP’s scalable card processing platform offers you the flexibility to choose from a wealth of functions that support both your institution and your members. Our user-friendly, web-based administrative tools afford credit unions a straightforward implementation and trouble-free operation of their Debit, Credit, ATM and Reloadable programs.

Member Access Pacific is a credit union card management company that will make your satisfaction priority number one. Put our efficient processing platform to work for you.

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