MAP Plastics

MAP Plastics offers card production and fulfillment services to support your credit union's debit, credit, prepaid, and ATM programs. 

We have enlisted the industry’s leading payment card providers to supply your institution with the most complete range of products available today, including magnetic stripe, chip, EMV, and contactless. With unrivaled service and an exhaustive roster of products, MAP Plastics can support the rigorous requirements of any financial institution’s card program.

MAP has created an affordable alternative to what’s currently available on the market today. Leveraging the combined buying power of financial institutions from across the United States, MAP provides state-of-the-art Card Production and Fulfillment at wholesale pricing.  Large or small, credit unions of any size can save BIG with MAP Plastics.

MAP Plastics is a ‘world class’ solution out of the gate. From traditional credit and debit banking cards to fast-paced prepaid and image card applications, MAP Plastics offers magnetic stripe, contact, contactless and dual-interface cards for any traditional or EMV card program.  Coupled with Card and Account Maintenance within CATS, DPS clients will be able to directly manage and monitor the resident cardholder information and have access to a wealth of well organized information. MAP Plastics provides a proprietary card management platform for tracking, inventory, and delivery management.

Outsource card design creation to our specialists. Using the knowledge gained over many years within the design and secure printing industries, especially with complex plastic configurations (transparent, hot foil, etc.) and under strong payment scheme validation constraints, our designers can create the perfect card artwork to drive brand acceptance and card usage. From design and plastics consultation to creation, our experts can help your credit union to create a true “top of the wallet” payment card.

Smart PlasticsThe look and feel of your credit union’s payment cards is an essential part of your brand.  That’s why MAP Plastics offers an exhaustive array of plastic and finishing options for you to present a unique and valued identity for your institution.
Green PlasticsProviding environmentally friendly products is a smart business practice that benefits both the credit union and its members.  Eco Friendly Solutions allow institutions to better serve their members who have made a conscious choice to minimize the environmental impact of their cards.  MAP Plastics offers sustainable solutions, including Green Plastics, recycled paper for fulfillment and mailers, and state of the art, eco-friendly Plastic Card Solutions.
EMV in a BoxFor forward thinking credit unions, EMV migration offers a range of new opportunities. It also requires a clear roadmap to determine the best choice of implementation. EMV in a Box is a fully integrated EMV migration solution and management program based on best practices gained from hundreds of EMV projects performed worldwide by our card production and fulfillment partner, Oberthur Technologies.
Smart ConnectionSmart Connection is a proprietary card management platform for tracking, inventory, and delivery management. This flexible online system provides real-time card order information for improved member service and up-to-date, accurate information to support decisions and reporting. 
Smart PINDeveloped in response to the pervasiveness of mobile phones and heightened security concerns, Smart PIN allows credit unions to distribute PIN codes securely to mobile phones via SMS.   With our solution, members can also choose their PIN.  It is a more secure, more efficient, greener and more cost effective alternative to a paper PIN mailer sent to a physical address (risk of theft or wrong address, postage costs, delivery time).