About MAP

As the nation’s only aggregator of the Visa Debit Processing Service platform for credit unions, Member Access Pacific is in the forefront of providing industry-leading products and services to credit unions.  MAP’s special role in the marketplace provides our client credit unions the unique opportunity to leverage the Technology, Security, and Service of Visa for their members.

MAP’s Commitment To Credit Unions – Out Front And Leading The Way

As a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), Member Access Pacific serves as an advocate for credit unions in the card processing industry. For more than ten years, MAP has been a stable and trusted card-processing services partner for the areas largest and smallest credit unions. MAP offers the right mix of experience and expertise to help credit union members feel safe when they use our products, while helping client financial institutions reach their potential no matter their asset size or goals.

MAP is committed to supporting credit unions, as it always has, to meet the needs of its members and strengthen its financial and institutional growth. MAP serves more than one hundred credit unions in 25 states.  In total, MAP serves clients that have more than 3 million members and over $31 billion in assets.

Client Services and Training

At MAP, we believe that building the most effective relationship with a client is essential for everyone and that all MAP staff have a complete 360-degree understanding of client interactions - everything related to billing, settlement, contacts, inquiries, and service records.  With MAP’s 360-degree strategy, we bring together all this information to build a detailed profile to match our services with our client activities.  MAP’s clients benefit from an overall improved client experience, including  faster responses to issues, more engaging interactions and call quality, reduced call time, and consistent client experiences. All together, our clients’ five-star experience means they are better positioned to reach their goals.

MAP complements its comprehensive approach to client service with an inclusive, fee-free training program. All client training is cost-free to our credit unions for the term of our relationship.  MAP provides a proficiency training approach to ensure each credit union staff person accomplishes a complete 100 percent proficiency and use of the systems and technology assigned to them.   From a credit union’s first point of contact, our five-star training team is actively involve in all product implementations with ongoing support, research and resolution processes throughout the life of our client agreement.

Operations and Implementations

Implementations are the foundation of MAP’s operations.  The success of all our clients’ card and network programs originates with the successful implementation of MAP’s products and services. The complex project development and management of each implementation impacts our clients’ card and network programs.  MAP’s implementation team works methodically throughout each conversion and new product implementation to ensure that each client can successfully provide our card and network services to their members. Even after an implementation is completed, our implementation staff maintain ongoing relationships with their credit union counterparts through our client services department.

Member Access Pacific’s debit card processing and ATM services are comprehensive, innovative and designed to meet unique needs of credit unions, no matter their size or goals. Visa's Debit Processing Service has proven itself to be the Best-in-Class debit, credit and ATM processing solution.  Member Access Pacific complements Visa with our Best-in­-Class, Five-Star service and implementation to provide our credit union clients strategic, member centric products, service and support for all debit card and ATM processing services.

 Marketing Consultation and Support

MAP provides all of its client credit unions the a comprehensive suit of marketing solutions as well as individual consultation – all free of charge for the life of the agreement. MAP provides individual support to client credit union in developing effective, turn-key marketing solutions for the following, as well as customized solutions, to drive the credit union’s debit, credit, prepaid and ATM products portfolio.

Debit Card Marketing Resources
Using the comprehensive Visa Debit Card Marketing Resource Guide and Visa Smart Moves Program, MAP assisted client credit unions plan, implement, and measure their marketing programs for driving successful debit card portfolio volumes in consumer, business, and even targeted Hispanic market segments.  With direct assistance from our Product and Marketing experts, client credit unions gain an overview of, and access to, best practices, tools, training resources, and materials that support the credit union’s penetration, activation, usage and loyalty goals.

Merchant Offers, Premiums, and Seasonal and Themed Marketing Solutions
With exclusive marketing support from MAP, client credit unions were able to drive activation and usage of their card programs with an array of quality incentives from leading merchants. Credit union members continue to enjoy savings at leading merchants when they pay with their Visa-branded cards at the point of sale. MAP Marketing Programs drive card usage with a variety of themed and seasonal programs, merchant savings, and proprietary marketing solutions.

National Promotions
With MAP’s marketing support and consultation, client credit unions can benefit from high-profile Visa-sponsored events, such as the upcoming Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC and the 2009 Visa Mega Fan NFL promotion.

In-Branch Acquisition Marketing
Research demonstrates that in-branch acquisition is the most cost effective and profitable for a credit union. Providing direct support to our client credit unions, MAP’s In-Branch Acquisition Marketing program provided a wide range of tools and in-branch materials that make it easy to increase usage and strengthen member relationships. In 2009, MAP launched an “Employee Instant-Win Incentive Promotion” for the sale of Visa Reloadable Prepaid cards.  Employees at participating credit unions had an opportunity to win fun prizes each time they sold a prepaid card. With the sale of every Prepaid card, the employee received an “Instant-Win Game” scratch card.  Instant prizes include Visa gift cards, Amazon gift certificates, and free music downloads.

Financial Literacy

MAP is committed to forwarding the credit union legacy of promoting financial literacy for all ages. Promoting financial literacy has been a primary mission of credit unions since they were established. Edward A. Filene, the father of the American credit union movement in 1908, put it candidly: “Credit unions are educational institutions.” To help today’s youths and consumers of all ages become financially savvy, Member Access Pacific (MAP), in association with Visa, partners with leading consumer advocates, educators and financial institutions in a wide-reaching program to improve the nation’s financial skills -- Practical Money Skills for Life.

Visa has developed a free Web site (available through MAP’s Web site at mapacific.com/resource-center/PracticalMoneySkills.php) designed to help educators, parents and students practice better money management for life. In addition to providing online tools and resources via the Web site, Visa has created free classroom material that educators can use to teach personal finance. Available online or in a binder format, the classroom curriculum is free. It offers a teacher’s guide, student worksheets and quizzes and interactive brain-teasers that can be played by students via the Web or from a CD-ROM. Practical Money Skills for Life is educator-developed and educator-approved. In fact, at the recent National Education Association’s Expo, more than 94 percent of the educators surveyed graded the program an “A” or “B” and 98 percent said they would recommend to a fellow educator.