A strategic partner of Member Access Pacific, BranchMap is part of MAP’s Website through our ATM LOCATOR and available to all of MAP’s client credit unions. As a result of our partnership, members at MAP’s client credit union can quickly and easily locate a surcharge-free ATM, branch, or service center over the Internet or from any mobile phone or PDA.

About BranchMap and BranchMap Mobile

Website ATM Locator
BranchMap is a powerful and fun information resource. Instead of scrolling through endless lists or clicking to network sites, your members can explore their neighborhood from the air and see all of your locations layed out before them!

Highlighted Benefits

  • Combines all of your networks and branches into one easy tool
  • Members search by city, state, zip, and even partial addresses
  • Tracks locations/areas your members are most interested in
  • Updates all your network location information for you

Mobile ATM Locator -
BranchMap Mobile lets members use their mobile phone or PDA to find all of your locations anytime, anyplace! Not everyone is sitting in front of their desktop computer all day, and not everyone has an iPhone. That’s why BranchMap Mobile was designed for the most common mobile devices and PDAs on the market. With the most light-weight content possible and the simplest possible user interface, your locations will load quickly and easily on even a low cost cell phone. The member will simply look up and enter their current location. Then, BranchMap will show them a list of your nearest locations, including branches and ATMs, as well as any shared branch network locations and surcharge-free ATM networks you offer.

For more information, contact Member Access Pacific’s Joyce Carter at 866-598-0698 x7113

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