Credit Union 24

MAP is pleased to offer its clients ATM & Point-of-Sale services through
Credit Union 24. 

  • Credit Union 24 is a credit union-owned, full-service electronic funds transfer
    (EFT) network that brings nationwide ATM and point-of-sale (POS) access to
    credit unions.
  • Access to 300,000 ATM locations nationally and internationally, many of
    them deposit-taking.
  • Access to 70,000 surcharge-free ATM locations – the largest access in the nation.
  • Credit Union 24 is the largest national credit union-owned PIN Debit network
    with half a million locations at all the major national retailers and local merchants.  
  • Processor-friendly, with multiple EFT processor links so there is no need to
    change processors to offer Credit Union 24 access to your cardholders.
  • Purchase a share of stock and have a vote in the network cooperative.  

 For more information about Credit Union 24, please visit