Deposit Automation

Reduce Deposit Risk and Increase Consumer Confidence

Deposit Automation capability increases convenience for your ATM users and simplifies deposit processing for you. Now your members can deposit checks and cash without an envelope and enjoy the peace of mind of check images and deposit details on their receipt. Deposit Automation also enables you to validate bills as they are deposited and electronically transmit check images from the ATM to your credit union for clearing. Whether your customer has one check, a stack of checks or a combination of cash and checks, Deposit Automation makes depositing easy and  envelope-free.

Avoid empty envelopes. Reduce the risk and incidence of errors.

Verify in real-time. With the ability to validate currency at the time of deposit and make authorization decisions based on MICR info, you can reduce problems and increase satisfaction.

Increase funds available. Real-time validation allows faster access to funds.

Improve customer comfort. Check images and deposit details on the receipt help customers feel more comfortable with ATM deposits.

Eliminate daily ATM visits. Electronically transmit check images from the ATM to a Visa DPS-hosted consolidation server and then on to your back office for clearing without needing to physically retrieve checks.

Understanding How It Works

With Deposit Automation, Visa manages the transaction authorization while the agent at the ATM manages the image transfer. The data and image are sent to a consolidation server using secure file transfer. Each check and cash item is translated into the appropriate file format for transfer to the financial institution for validation.