Exception Processing

Outsource Dispute Processing for Greater Efficiency and Improved Resolution

Resolving disputed transactions effectively requires specific knowledge of consumer laws and network operating regulations. With MAP and Visa's Exception Processing you can turn dispute processing over to expert resources that will manage these claims for you. Our knowledgeable Dispute Analysis & Support team has vast experience with all aspects of dispute resolution management and understands the best ways to maximize recoveries. Our unique insight into dispute regulations, coupled with our leading edge systems, offers a dispute resolution resource that can deliver significant business benefits.

Improve resolution. Simplify your resolution process and remain in compliance with experts handling your cases.

Use resources efficiently. Keep your staff focused on their areas of expertise while the Visa DPS Dispute Analysis & Support team manages the dispute resolution process.

Review progress. You can see the status of any dispute in real-time through Visa Resolve Online for DPS.

Support for non-Visa networks. In addition to handling disputes for Visa, Interlink and Plus transactions, our Exception Processing experts can handle disputes for all other networks you process with Visa.

An experienced team at your disposal

Exception Processing is performed by the Visa Dispute Analysis & Support team. While you will continue to manage your relationship with your cardholder and all cardholder contact, MAP and Visa will oversee each claim, working cases through to their proper resolution. Our services include:

  • Managing all aspects of the cardholder transaction dispute cycle including chargebacks, adjustments, representments, pre-arbitration and pre-compliance, and arbitration or compliance case filings
  • Submitting or requesting required supporting documentation electronically
  • Initiating and responding to exception items based on dispute type, network operating regulations, and the type of dispute
  • Monitoring the case throughout its lifecycle and watching for rejected items via Visa Resolve Online
  • Reporting relevant data including overall volume and identification of trends through Visa Resolve Online
  • The Dispute Analysis & Support team will work directly with your staff to gather the required dispute information and ensure strict timeframes are adhered to. You can also monitor the progress of disputes using the Visa Resolve Online reports and online interface.