MAP welcomes MoneyPass SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs to its portfolio of network solutions:

MoneyPass, one of the fastest growing surcharge-free ATM networks, passes a significant advantage on to your cardholders - coast-to-coast, surcharge-free ATM access - while providing valuable benefits for your financial institution.

  • MoneyPass is a national surcharge-free network with thousands of ATMs across the nation
  • Over 24,000,000 MoneyPass cardholders and over 750 participating financial institutions and growing
  • Both card issuers and ATM owners can participate in the MoneyPass network
  • Many large banks, credit unions and associations are participants and sponsors
  • As the network continues to grow, your cardholders have access to more and more surcharge-free ATMs near where they live, work or travel.

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MoneyPass Product Brochure

MoneyPass for your members

Members want easy, surcharge-free access to their cash. The MoneyPass network gives them what they want whereever they live, work and travel throughout the United States. A surcharge is a fee that an ATM owner may charge cardholders at the time of the transaction and is typically around $2 a transaction. With the MoneyPass network you will get:

  • No surcharge at ATMs that participate in MoneyPass
  • Access to thousands of ATMs across the nation
  • Convenient, accessible locations that include bank and credit union branches, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, discount retailers and many more

This means that even if your credit union has only a few ATMs that are convenient to your membership, they can still access cash without paying a surcharge when they use an ATM participating in the MoneyPass network.