Northwest Credit Union Alliance

MAP is honored to be a founding partner in the Northwest Credit Union Alliance, offering member credit unions access to SURCHARGE-FREE ATMs throughout the northwest:

NWCUA offers participants an expansive, economical, "no-surcharge" shared deposit ATM solution regardless of processor affiliations or asset size. Our vision, and continued support of the credit union ATM system, provide the foundation for our services. In addition to the "no-surcharge" alliance, NWCUA benefits include web based ATM deployment resources and information, ongoing appraisals of potential affiliations and referrals, and participation in the development of collective pricing on new and existing EFT services.

Benefits of Northwest Credit Union Alliance Membership:

  • Northwest Credit Union Alliance membership provides your institution greater flexibility when considering alternative processors. The NWCUA maintains interfaces to all major ATM processors, removing the fear of loss to "no-surcharge" ATM's should you change vendors.
  • Membership in the Alliance enhances the strength and unification of our regional ATM environment, providing a solution to circumvent future credit union ATM vendor or network changes that might otherwise jeopardize local "no-surcharge" ATM or shared deposit access in our region.
  • Alliance membership provides small credit unions affordable, local shared deposit and "no-surcharge" access for their members. Many small credit unions cannot afford the costs of joining surcharge free networks.
  • Membership in the Alliance provides credit unions with a forum for the exchange of ideas, expertise and resources concerning ATM access and service in our region.

Find any one of our ATM locations and networks on our interactive locator map.