Visa Data Manager:  Gain Greater Insight Into Your Card Portfolios and ATM Operations

Visa Data Manager delivers the detailed information and robust reporting capabilities you need to stay on top of your portfolio operations. This best-in-class data warehousing and analytics application puts critical business intelligence at your fingertips to help you better understand and respond to operational or business issues.

With access to cardholder, prepaid and debit transaction details, you have a more complete view of your business. Timely, easy access to cardholder, fraud, ATM and merchant data helps you better understand product adoption and usage. Data is loaded to the system and aggregated daily, so you always have highly relevant information and powerful decision-support tools that you can easily adapt to the unique needs of your business.

Enable proactive management. Access to timely information and analytics makes managing your card and ATM business, as well as researching fraud, cardholder and merchant operational issues easier and more effective.

Increase performance. Having a clear picture of cardholder purchasing activities offers the insight you need to accurately segment and target promotional offers, product initiatives and other marketing efforts, which also improves satisfaction.

Identify new opportunities. Understanding ATM usage, merchant usage, merchant PIN steering and interchange trends can help you locate and assess opportunities and challenges faster.

Streamline reporting. Gather transaction data, interpret it and quickly turn it into easy-to-understand reports using one resource. Plus, customizing reports is simplified with point and click modification of existing templates.

Minimize expenses. Visa Data Manager eliminates the financial burden of building and maintaining your own in-house database

Reports to help you improve operations

Visa Data Manager offers a wide range of standard reports offering daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly timeframes that can be easily customized for the specifics of your business:

Transaction reports. View summary sales volumes, including break-outs of PIN and Signature POS information, country and merchant analysis, interchange revenue, as well as denied, reversed and stand-in information.

Authorization reports. Explore authorization response rates, authorization response rates by network, authorization transaction volume by merchant country, and more.

Cardholder reports. Analyze data by card number including card and activation status, expiration information, and card usage segment.

ATM reports. Understand ATM usage and revenue metrics at the terminal level.

Merchant reports. Compare merchant information by merchant category code (MCC), merchant country, interchange, and more.

Fraud reports. See confirmed fraud and Falcon information by fraud type, usage type, merchant and more. Generate cardholder reports to research common point of purchase issues.