ATM Gift Cards

Easily dispense gift cards from your ATM

With the popularity of general-purpose reloadable (GPR) cards on the rise, it’s important to remove the barriers that prevent the member from easily purchasing a prepaid card. Now, your credit union can combine the convenience of an ATM with the simplicity of prepaid.

An Easy Way to Buy Prepaid

With cards dispensed directly from the ATM, members can easily select a card; load it from their checking, savings or credit account; and have it in their hands in minutes. They can even buy multiple cards at once.

New Payment Card Form Factor

Traditional debit, credit, and gift cards are too thick to fit through the dispensing mechanism of an ATM. So we invented a new card. It’s thinner and more flexible so that it can be dispensed from an ATM. It’s also robust enough to meet or exceed all of the typical card endurance standards. Slightly larger than a $20 bill, the ATM gift cards fit into most existing cassettes with little modification.

Activation Camera

If you want to enable your ATM to activate and load prepaid cards in real time and give your customers the option to select their load value, then the activation camera is a required hardware upgrade. The camera resides inside the ATM and captures the 2-D barcode printed on the Better ATM Services prepaid card product as the card zooms by.


The financial industry has come to accept the ATM as a necessary evil – something we do because the customer demands it, even though it’s a cost center. Prepaid cards from an ATM changes your ATM fleet from being a pure cost to a revenue generator. Card sale fee revenue, float, interchange, and fees for services will change the way you look at your ATMs.