MAP offers training webinars to clients free of charge. These sessions are designed to meet on going educational needs for products provided by MAP. Whether you have staff who need to learn a process for the first time, or a veteran who would like a refresher, each webinar is a balance of the operational functions of the topic, and ideas for practical application with time for questions throughout. Is there a topic or product you for which you would like to see a webinar or training that isn't listed? Contact your MAP Client Service Manager to request a training.

VROL Creating a Case for Visa DAS

A walk through of the steps required when opening a case on a transaction that will be processed by Visa's DAS team. Contact your Client Services Manager for details.

ATM: Working with Terminal Totals Manager

This webinar features how to manage and settle terminals using the CATS application Terminal Totals Manager. Contact your Client Services Manager for details.

Verified by Visa

Learn about the authorization protection Verified by Visa has to offer. This webinar will walk through the cardholder experience and basic admin features. Contact Your Client Services Manager for details.