Point of Sale (POS)

PIN-based Point of Sale (POS) is a perfect complement to the Visa check card. POS gives your cardholders even greater access to their deposit funds by providing instant purchasing power and cash back options at thousands of participating Merchants.

POS usage as a preferred form of payment enhances the value of your DDAs by reducing consumer reliance on cash and checks for everyday purchases and lowering your check processing costs. MAP supports all national and regional POS networks, offering Issuers greater cardholder coverage and satisfaction.

Point-of-sale (POS) is a convenient card-based payment alternative to cash and checks at a rapidly growing number of Merchants across the country. The cash back feature at participating POS Merchants is a convenient, cost-effective alternative ATM withdrawals. Cardholders can use POS when signature-based payment service is not available or when they prefer to transact their business using PINs.

As an Issuer, POS offers your cardholders added convenience and payment alternatives while providing key value and loyalty benefits. The utility, convenience and ease of POS participation mean greater cardholder satisfaction, leading to retention and growth of core deposits and DDAs.

Visa payWave is a secure, faster, easier way to pay for everyday purchases.

Convenient. Visa payWave lets you breeze through check out faster since you don’t need to fumble for cash. Simply wave your card in front of a secure reader and you’re on your way. Most of the time, you don't have to sign for purchases under $25, making checkout even faster.

Secure. Visa payWave transactions offer multiple levels of security.

Transaction Protection: Cards can only be read up to 4 inches from the secure reader and each transaction is accompanied by a unique security code to protect against fraudulent use. Plus, you maintain control of the card at all times, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Real Time Fraud Monitoring: Visa payWave payments are also processed through the same reliable network as swipe transactions. These transactions are monitored continuously for suspicious activity so we can identify and respond to fraudulent activity immediately.

Zero Liability: If your card is ever lost or stolen, you’re protected with Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases.

Just look for this symbol at checkout:payWave Indicator