Our Commitment to Credit Unions

The Industry's Leader in Electronic Payments

The speed, safety and reliability of Visa’s electronic payments network is making it possible for individuals, governments and businesses to do more now than ever before. Digital currency will continue to drive progress, producing a more connected and powerful global economy.

As a Credit Union Service Organization, Member Access Pacific (MAP) serves as an advocate for credit unions in the card processing industry. For more than ten years, MAP has been a stable and trusted card-processing services partner for the area’s largest and smallest credit unions. MAP offers the right mix of experience and expertise to help credit union members feel safe when using our products, while helping client financial institutions reach their potential no matter their asset size or goals.

Card ProcessingOur authorization service options are highly customizable, offering real-time and stand-in support that enables you to provide fast, reliable transaction authorization wherever your cardholders choose to conduct business — at the ATM or point of sale, over the Internet, or via telephone.
ATM ServicesMAP's premium ATM driving solution can reduce costs and enhance the profitability of your ATM investment. Our ATM Driving solution gives you the tools to manage and streamline your ATM program.
Risk ManagementMAP offers a variety of flexible risk management services to help your credit union reduce losses and lower administrative expense associated with managing fraud. Our comprehensive risk management services range from suspect activity reporting to advanced neural network fraud detection support.
Card Management & FulfillmentCard Management & Fulfillment for Credit Unions
Network Gateway ServicesNetwork Gateway Services for Credit Unions
Visa Data ManagerBusiness Intelligence, Visa Data Manager for Credit Unions
ATM LocatorMAP's World-Class ATM Locator Service provides credit unions the best-in-class service in ATM location.
Visa CheckoutGive your members the secure, hassle-free checkout experience they want from the brand they trust.
EMV Chip ImplementationEMV chip cards provide a higher degree of security due to the use of dynamic transaction data. As a result, EMV chip cards are difficult to copy or counterfeit. International market migrations to EMV chip have proven the value of chip cards at reducing counterfeit fraud.