Mobile Payment Solutions

A turnkey strategy to meet the needs of your members.

Today, everyone is on the go. Now you can provide your customers with anywhere access to accounts, new ways to manage finances, and the benefits of MAP’s ongoing mobile innovations driven Visa DPS mobile services. Best of all, you can implement this comprehensive, world-class suite of mobile services quickly and with no infrastructure investment.

With the MAP's mobile services platform you can deliver a fully branded mobile experience including apps, a mobile web site, text messaging and email alerts on almost any mobile device on any major carrier’s network. This turnkey solution requires no additional hardware and can be implemented across your entire card portfolio or specifically for prepaid cards to create increasingly valuable high-touch relationships with your customers.

Implement a Powerful Mobile Platform

Strengthen relationships. Increase contact with your cardholders by offering compelling, high-value functionality that they will access on a daily basis.

Differentiate your institution. Additional capabilities and a fully branded experience can set you apart from the competition.

Increase flexibility. Meet cardholder expectations for more convenient options for accessing their accounts the way they want to.

Attract new members. Expand your relationships with nontraditional, mobile-savvy members who may choose prepaid cards over traditional accounts.

Expand services. Redefine how your customers think of mobile banking by enabling more dynamic transactions like upcoming remote deposit capture and other on-the-go capabilities.

Evolve without risk. Partnering with DPS positions you to expand your offering and update services as they become available without additional capital investment or making existing investments obsolete.

Service prepaid products. Provide a mobile solution for all segments of your card portfolio, including comprehensive support for prepaid cards.

Minimize fraud. Upcoming functionality will allow cardholders to receive mobile alerts about potential fraudulent activity to identify and stop fraud sooner.

Mobile Payments Graphic

Deliver a Comprehensive Mobile Experience

DPS mobile services integrates a full array of capabilities to help you create a powerful on-the-go experience:

Any device: Customers can access services from iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, other smart phones and any SMS-capable phone on virtually any carrier’s network.

Any Visa-branded card: Enables mobile access for any Visa, Plus, or Interlink branded
card issued by your institution, including check, prepaid and credit cards, even if transactions for the card are not processed by DPS.

Any DPS-processed transaction: Send alerts even on non-Visa transactions, as long as
DPS processes those transactions.

Multiple access channels: Available through a downloadable app, a mobile web site,
SMS/text messaging and email, giving you the opportunity to reach more customers.

Comprehensive solution: One solution integrates your debit, credit and prepaid mobile
portfolio for a more complete service.

Financial control: Give customers greater financial control by allowing them to check balances and receive a variety of alerts including low balance, suspect fraud, fuel purchase, ATM withdrawals and more.

Simple registration and management: The easy to use system allows your customers to register on the web or from their mobile device.

Configurable solution: Implement the complete platform, integrate specific feature
sets to fill gaps in your current mobile solution, or evolve your mobile offering over time.