MAP is a proud full-service issuer processor of Visa® Card Products.

Our customized, turnkey solutions include Visa® Debit, Credit, ATM, and Reloadable products and services, all of which are supported by powerful, intuitive reporting software to make account management a snap. Save staffing and training dollars while boosting efficiency and profitability. Our innovative, leading-edge technology and competitive pricing will position you beyond the marketplace, resulting in greater cardholder value, share of wallet and loyalty.

Visa® Check Card (Debit)
The Visa Check Card (Debit) offers your members a way to make everyday purchases without carrying around cash or checks. Great for shopping at bookstores, supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, online — anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted — and for withdrawing cash from ATMs around the world. Expanded coverage and acceptance is possible through the optional functionality of Interlink®, Plus® and/or regional POS mark(s).

Visa® Credit Card Solutions
MAP full transaction credit card processing services are tailored to fit your needs and designed with affordable measures to increase profitability and cardholder loyalty. We offer a full suite of services that provide key data and report information for strategic planning, management analysis and tactical decision support.

Visa® Reloadable Prepaid Card -
MAP offers you a full turnkey program, putting everything you need right at your fingertips. From easy card activation to an impressive array of customization options, MAP gives you the power to provide the high-demand products your members are asking for. Increase cardholder satisfaction and loyalty while providing a valued service to your members.

Verified by Visa®
With online fraud and identity theft on the rise, your cardholders need extra protection when making purchases online. Verified by Visa ads an extra layer of security with a special password to confirm the identity of cardholders during online transactions. The password is easy to set up, and has proven effective in helping stop fraudulent purchases before they occur.